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EMDR & Beyond

EMDR therapy is at the core of our services, but we offer many therapeutic interventions to assist our clients with their therapy goals and improving their quality of life. We grew out of a shared passion for the healing of suffering and provide education and therapy to survivors of adverse experiences and those that assist them in their recovery.


Our Therapists

At EMDR & Beyond, we believe one of the most important factors of successful counseling is to have a good connection with your chosen therapist. We always offer a free 20 minute consultation so that you’ll have a chance to meet your therapist prior to committing to any fees or a long-term relationship.

EMDR & Beyond - Amy Terrell LMHC

Amy Terrell

EMDR & Beyond - Jessica Volk LMHC

Jessica Volk

EMDR & Beyond - Lars Peterson LISW

Lars Peterson

EMDR & Beyond - Alicia Rowley LMHC

Alicia Rowley

EMDR & Beyond  - Katrina Serfling LMHC

Katrina Serfling

EMDR & Beyond  - Shannon Westbrook LISW

Shannon Westbrook


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During the initial consultation, we will have the opportunity to discuss your reasons for seeking counseling and you will have the chance to learn about your potential counselor's education, training and counseling approach.