The Building Blocks of EMDR with Children

The Building Blocks of EMDR with Children


West Des Moines, IA - May 7th & Sept. 20th, 2019

(registration deadline April 30, 2019)

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This lively and interactive two-part workshop will assist EMDR clinicians in the basics for skillful implementation of all phases of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents. Through lecture, demonstration, and practice, participants will learn effective ways to engage and prepare children and their parents for EMDR treatment, development of target plans, up regulation and down regulation to manage and strengthen window of tolerance, processing techniques, and other tools for EMDR with young survivors of adverse life experiences.

This workshop is open to all mental health professionals who have attended EMDR Basic Training Part 1.



EMDR & Beyond
Colony Park
3737 Woodland Ave. Ste 620
West Des Moines, Iowa, 50266


Day 1 - May 7th

8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-8:45 Overview
8:45-10:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Lecture / Demo / Practice
12:00-1:00 Lunch (not provided)
1:00-2:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
2:15-2:30 Break
2:30-4:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
4:15-4:30 Questions

Day 2 - Sept 20th

8:00-8:30 Registration
8:30-8:45 Day 1 Review
8:45-10:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-12:00 Lecture / Demo / Practice
12:00-1:00 Lunch (not provided)
1:00-2:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
2:15-2:30 Break
2:30-4:15 Lecture / Demo / Practice
4:15-4:30 Questions / Evaluations


Course Objectives: 

1. Implement  steps for each of the 8 Phases of EMDR with children and adolescents incorporating Play Therapy strategies for phases all phases.

2. Develop  and practice a narrative to educate and engage  parents and caregivers in EMDR and Play therapy for their children.

3. Enhance options for building rapport  with children through the language of Play Therapy.

4. Develop and implement through the integration of Play Therapy a Target Sequence Plan that is child-friendly and symptom-focused, using the Triangle.

5. Identify  specific ‘strategies’ children use in coping with their life stressors and Play Therapy interventions to assist in the reduction of the symptom/ strategies.

6. Learn how to teach children and adolescents the components of EMDR prior to processing (Mixed Up Thoughts, SUDS, VoC, EMDR Helpers) with the integration of Play Therapy.

7. Utilize specific up-regulation and down-regulation play therapy techniques for managing the child’s Window of Tolerance

8.Understand beginning  applications of play therapy and sandtray integration through video demonstration and discussion.

9. Use of age appropriate interweaves, play therapy  and clinical interventions when processing is stuck.

10. Identify how to use processing continuum and Play Therapy throughout EMDR  phases, including reevaluation and closure.

11. Increase knowledge of expanding window of tolerance in children through Play Therapy EMDR integration.

12. Learn how to use metaphor and play therapy to assist children in understanding complex issues such as why they would want to work on icky memories in therapy.

13. Understand procedures  to integrate play therapy in processing strategies to keep the child engaged.

14. Enhance knowledge of how repeat  themes  in play therapy can inform the EMDR target sequence plan. 


About the Presenter: 

Amy Terrell, LMHC has worked in the crisis/trauma response field for 20 years. She holds a BA in Human Service and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Crisis Response and Trauma Treatment. Amy is a therapist, agency consultant, and community educator. She is also an EMDRIA approved Certified EMDR Therapist, Approved Consultant, and EMDR Basic Trainer for Roy Kiessling’s EMDR Consulting.

Amy has received ongoing child specialist training in order to provide EMDR therapy to children with complex trauma.  She is a facilitator and trainer in training for international trainer, author, and EMDR child expert Ana Gomez through her Agate Institute. She provides individual, group, and agency EMDR consultation to a variety of mental health settings. Her mental health counseling practice focuses on the treatment of trauma, with considerable experience working with violent crime survivors. Her clinical knowledge includes the treatment of adults, adolescents and children with complex trauma, secondary trauma, dissociative disorders as well as depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Additional areas of specialization include therapeutic group facilitation and professional advocacy.

Amy is the co-owner and Clinical Director of EMDR & Beyond, an agency that actively enhances the growth and development of EMDR therapists in the community through training, consultation, and education.




14 hours of EMDRIA Credit
14 hours CE’s through CE Classes:

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Cancellation Policy:

We will allow refunds up to 7 days prior to workshop minus a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellations within 7 days of the workshop will be non-refundable. 


ADA Assistance:

This event is held in a facility that is compliant with the Americans Disabilities Act.

Please contact if special accommodation is required.