Testimonial video for EMDR therapy

Michelle Kellar LMHC, an EMDR therapist in Iowa, contacted me on behalf of her client Rob Burton, whom she had treated with EMDR therapy. After suffering with worsening symptoms of PTSD for 5 years after a traumatic loss, Rob came to see Michelle and agreed to EMDR therapy. His healing and recovery was so powerful and amazing, he wanted a way to get the word out to others. Michelle thought EMDR & Beyond might be able to help.

We arranged for a video Interview with Rob and Michelle. In this 4 minute excerpt, Rob tells the story of his trauma, his symptoms, and his recovery. Rob would like as many people as possible to learn about the power of EMDR therapy, to encourage those suffering to give it a try, and be encouraged by his results, so please share.

Here is his story. Thank you Rob and Michelle as well as Bents Consulting for the video work!

Bonnie Mikelson LISW