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Amy Terrell, LMHC

Clinical Director of EMDR & Beyond

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Amy Terrell, LMHC has worked in the crisis/trauma response field for 15+ years. She holds a BA in Human Service and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Crisis Response and Trauma Treatment. Amy is a therapist, agency consultant, and community educator. Amy is an EMDRIA approved, Certified EMDR Therapist and Consultant who receives ongoing special training in order to provide EMDR therapy to children and adults with complex trauma. Her mental health counseling practice has a focus on the treatment of trauma, with a great deal of experience working with violent crime survivors. She has clinical knowledge in the treatment of adults, adolescents and children with complex trauma, secondary trauma, dissociative disorders as well as depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Additional areas of specialization include therapeutic group facilitation and professional advocacy.