Onsite and specialty training about EMDR therapy, including EMDR Basic Training, trauma treatment and interventions, trauma, recovery, traumatic grief, trauma informed care, resilience and vulnerability, effective self care, healthy organizational functioning including effective supervision and consultation, EMDR refresher and specialty protocol topics, and other workshops by request.

To Become an EMDR Clinician: Basic Training

EMDR Consulting's EMDRIA Approved Basic Training model “Integrating EMDR Therapy into Your Clinical Practice” is designed to give clinicians the skills and confidence to immediately apply EMDR therapy skills. Following a teaching and demonstration process, the two 3 day training segments emphasizes practice application for effective integration..

Basic training is typically delivered in Part 1 and Part 2 three-day segments 6-8 weeks apart to maximize learning. The cost of the required 10 hours of consultation is included in the training fees, with reduced rates for nonprofits, student interns, and EMDR clinicians wanting a refresher. Intensive 5 day training for Parts 1 and 2 sequentially is also available. There are reduced fees for nonprofit clinicians and student interns, as well as EMDR trained clinicians wanting a refresher. EMDR Basic Training can be brought onsite by request. For more information on the current schedule of Basic Trainings, see the events page of the blog or go directly to www.emdrconsulting.com for registration, and fees,

Enhancing EMDR and Trauma Therapy Skills: Specialty Workshops

As part of EMDR & Beyond's mission, we have presented or sponsored  workshops on EMDR and trauma topics. In 2015, we are offering:

  • Trauma Informed Care: Understanding Complex Grief and Secondary Traumatic Stress presented by EMDR & Beyond staff for Iowa Doner Network

  • Introduction to EMDR, presented by EMDR & Beyond staff for Drug Endangered Children Conference

  • Treatment of Attachment Traumas and Dissociation in Clients of All Ages: Case Conceptualization with EMDR) Therapy (with Child Welfare focus)by Robbie Adler-Tapia, Ph.D., (cosponsor Kenya Rocha, LMHC, Mosaic Family Counseling)

  • EMDR and Addictions (cosponsor Susan Arland, LMHC), presented by Hope Paysen, LCSW.


Ongoing EMDR and Trauma Education: Brunch & Learns and Trauma Book Discussion

EMDR & Beyond will be offering several ongoing monthly educational opportunities for the EMDR community, beginning in January of 2016. A monthly Brunch and Learn will be presented by EMDR & Beyond staff and area EMDR expert clinicians, both face to face and by Google Hangout technology.  We will also offer a monthly Trauma Book Discussion group in support of continuing professional development. 

  • Brunch & Learn: one hour presentations by EMDR & Beyond staff and area EMDR expert clinicians , with internet access for off-site participants) on a variety of specialty topics. See various blog posts authored by staff and area clinicians who continue to add to the education of the EMDR. 
  • Trauma Book Discussion: EMDR & Beyond will be hosting monthly or bimonthly trauma book discussions about selected EMDR and trauma focused books. If you have professional books stacked up, but don't get them read, consider joining us for a boost in your professional reading.  A casual atmosphere and open discussion will facilitate a summary and dialogue that highlights the book's key elements. Our first Trauma Book Discussion event will be on Bessel van der Kolk's The Body Keeps the Score, on Tuesday, Nov. 17  5:30-7 pm,  free with donation for food and drink.  Come to relax after work, chat with colleagues and hear a summary of the book by Bonnie Mikelson. Haven't purchased or read the book? Come to see if you want to!
  • EMDR & Beyond's website blog posts are an ongoing educational source, with topics important to the EMDR Community as well as issues to assist in healing for clients in EMDR therapy. See the website for all educational blogs, regional training events, books and resources, and client educational postings. Join EMDR & Beyond on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates and inspiration.

See the website for all educational blogs, regional training events, books and resources, and client educational postings. Join EMDR & Beyond on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates and inspiration.