When I had the privilege of going to Sea Ranch, California to train with other trainers-in-training with Francine Shapiro, I was most impressed with a mutually held passion and vision for growing and nurturing our EMDR community of healers.  Richard Smith, CIV USN NAF, a stellar Navy man from Japan did his presentation on EMDR therapy with active duty military.  I asked Rich to share his expertise about working with this population. 
Since he is a modest Navy man, I can’t give you contact information but know he remains ready to be a resource to the EMDR community as he sees first hand both the great need as well as the power of EMDR to heal. 
      Here’s an excerpt from the email response Rich sent which outlines needed resources.   “…two essential texts:

Silver, S.M.  & Rogers, S. (2002). Light in the heart of darkness: EMDR and the treatment of war and terrorism survivors. New York: W. W. Norton.
Russell, M. & Figley, C. (2013).  Treating Traumatic Stress Injuries in Military Personnel:  An EMDR Practioner's Guide.  Routledge: New York.
    Drs. Silver and Rogers worked at the VA Medical Center in Coatesville, PA for probably 30 yrs. Charles Figley has been at the tip of
 the spear in traumatology for probably 45 years and has been a strong proponent of EMDR. Mark Russell has been a good friend to me
 for the past 6-7 yrs and was Francine's research assistant back in the late 80s. 
      EMDRIA's militarysig listserve www.emdria.org is coordinated by Howard Lipke, Ph.D. He was at the Chicago VAMC for probably 30 yrs as well. Here is a quote from his email: "I am a retired VA psychologist who still works with veterans and family. I have developed some resources which some might find helpful. The website site www.howardlipke.com is for the general public. HowardLIpke.com/technical is for mental health professionals." [Dr. Lipke]
provided a ton of consultation for us in the wake of that training and is an outstanding resource. “ 
I have checked out Dr. Lipke’s website and found it to be filled with useful information for vets and their families as well as for professionals, including articles on forgiveness, stigma within the military culture, and specific information on EMDR treatment for PTSD. 
 I strongly recommend you check out this and the texts that Rich is recommending f your clinical work involves treatment of military personnel.

Thank you Rich for assisting us in better treatment of active and retired military!

Bonnie the Blogger