Brian Ellis, LMSW - EMDR and Beyond Brian Ellis, LMSW of Nexus Counseling Service LLC is a trauma therapist with nearly 9 years clinical experience in human services. As a Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist (BHIS), Brian is experienced in working with adolescents and their families, addressing a variety of issues stemming from adverse life experiences. Earlier in his career, after earning his home-building diploma, Brian built homes in the construction industry when the national housing market suffered its economic collapse in 2008. This event led him to return to school to study psychology and ultimately become a therapist.

As the saying goes, 'a house is built of wood and beams but a home is built with love and dreams.' Brian went from building houses to building homes.

Brian’s passion for helping others overcome their own adverse life experiences was realized during his sixth year of working with families using cognitive therapy approaches. “I realized the impact of trauma and the reality that, for some client’s, cognitive approaches simply wouldn’t work,” explains Brian. "EMDR gives me the tools to successfully address these issues."

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